95 Women Officers at Pho Yen District, Thai Nguyen Province Visit Center for Women and Development &Peace House

On September 11th, 2013, the delegation included 95 women who are leaders and officers of the Women’s Union in Yen Bai and Thai Nguyen, as well as the Director of the Board of the Political Training Center and the teachers and students associated with their courses. The Vice Chairman and Directors of the Women's Union communes were also in attendance, as well as the Pho Yen district. During their stay, they visited both the Centre for Women and Development (CWD) and the Peace House in Hanoi.

The Deputy Director of the Center for Women and Development, Mrs. Nguyen Thanh Cam, introduced the functions, duties, and activities of the Center for Women and Development, including its plan for the prevention of domestic violence and human trafficking. The delegation also visited two Peace Houses supporting women and children who have experienced domestic violence or have been rescued from human trafficking. The Counseling Department of CWD was very impressed and highly appreciated what the Vietnam Women's Union (VWU) and CWD has done to support the women, particularly women in difficult circumstances. They hope that the relationship between CWD and the Peace House will cooperate more closely in the future to ensure effective support to women in the community

Mrs. Nguyen Thanh Cam from the center also confirmed that to effectively support the women and children of domestic violence and human trafficking, it is necessary to have the attention and support of authority, as well as the participation and active cooperation of the community.

After 7 years, the Peace House, CWD, and VWU has supported more than 600 women and children who have been victims of domestic violence or human trafficking. While the Peace House andCWD support women and children directly, the efforts of VWUis integral in terms of communication, detection and coordination which allow the Peace House and CWD to provide successful and timely support for women and children who are victims of gender-based violence.

You can visit and work with the Peace House and CWD aswe organize tours, activities, and other learning experiences to support women experiencing gender-based violence and improve awareness.The Women’s Union in Pho Yen and Thai Nguyen province is also planning to deploy as well as learn about models which suitably support women, for dissemination to members and women in the community.

Pham Thuy Linh

Below is a series of pictures of the visit of the delegation :

Delegates of Pho Yen and Thai Nguyen visit the Center for Women and Development and the Peace House.

Delegates listen to introduction of Mrs. Nguyen Thanh Cam, Deputy Director of the Center.

Dr. Vu Kim Thanh, a staff member in the counselling room at the Peace House, introduces their function and work.