The Peace House offers comprehensive services to ensure women and children recover from the trauma of family violence and access Legal Aid, health, vocational training and job support services that enable them to reintegrate into their communities and live happy lives. The effectiveness of the Law on Prevention of Domestic Violence, includes the implementation of quality and support services to women and children affected by family violence. The Center for Women and Development with support from the Central Committee of the Vietnam Women's Union has implemented the Peace House shelter model including the comprehensive package of safe accommodation and services to support women to reintegrate into their communities.

The Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) has offered significant support over many years, and with the Center for Women and Development has developed the successful ‘Peace House shelter’ model. Women and children who return from border countries are often traumatized by their experiences. Through good referral systems with Border Guards and provincial organizations, women are welcomed to the Peace House shelter in Hanoi, where they are provided with safe accommodation, good quality medical services to ensure they are healthy and psychological counseling and support to find happiness in their lives.

An important function of the CWD is to provide support for women entrepreneurs. Since 2007, the Center for Women and Development has held many activities to support businesses in building capacity during their start–up stage and develop their enterprise further. The CWD organizes conferences and forums to develop policy and increase access to national and international markets though information fairs. Women entrepreneurs request information on topics such as management experience lessons, business culture, fashion, travel, and health care. CWD also support women’s access to business information and to products, markets, and customers.

In meeting the direction of the Vietnam Women’s Union in the strategy of supporting Vietnamese family the Center for Women plans to offer marriage counselling including prenuptial counselling and family support as an important intervention program to prevent domestic violence and support happy families.

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