Center for Women and Development

Center for Women and Development

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The Centre for Women and Development (CWD) is an institution directly subordinated to the Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU). Its function is to support the political and social activities of the Vietnam Women’s Union under the direction of the Presidium of VWU. Its goal is to support the integral development of all-round skills and capacities, educational level, health and beauty care for Vietnamese women. The Center is entitled to provide services to raise income and cover the expenses for its political and social activities.

The modern building of the Center is located at 20 Thuy Khue street, Westlake District, Hanoi. It consists of 3 blocks, each of which has 4 to 14 floors, covering a total area of 14.630 m2. There is a variety of functional areas: A training department with rooms for vocational guidance and vocational counseling, hall and rooms for conferences and workshops, as well as spaces for physical and recreational activities and health care, hotel and other auxiliary services.

More specifically, the hotel has 98 modern and well equipped rooms; a dining area with 3 restaurants and 2 bars; a large hall with a capacity of 500 seats, 6 meeting rooms with a capacity of 70-100 seats each; area for physical and recreational activities and health care with a roofed swimming pool, 2 tennis courts, 1 gymnasium, massage and sauna, 1 beauty salon; office building; staff’s dining room and public service area.

This modern and multipurpose venue is utilized by many organizations and individuals for conferences, trade shows, weddings, workshops and special events. The Centre also meets the many requirements of the Vietnam Women’s Union and all the members, and the diverse needs of disadvantaged women and children, people from ethnic minorities or remote areas, other people and also local staff members.

With our ambition to enhance the Vietnam Women's Union's, the CWD is concentrating on the following tasks:

Serving the political and social activities of the VWU

  • Organize educational activities, basic and advanced training courses to enhance the proficiency, educational level, skills and knowledge of women, particularly vulnerable women.
  • Organize vocational guidance activities, present career opportunities for women.
  • Organize legal policy guidance, support the development of business set ups of women, marriage and family issues, gender equality, skills for daily life, health and beauty care all for women and especially for vulnerable women.
  • Organize services for meetings, conferences and seminars; for get-togethers, awarding of ceremonies, granting of medals and other ceremonies of the VWU.
  • Organize cultural, artistic, educational and promotion events.
  • Organize provision of contact information and materials.

Utilization of the premises of CWD in order to raise income and cover the expenses for the social activities of the CWD

  • Provide accommodation services for individuals, agencies and institutions.
  • Provide catering services: Supply residents, conferences, seminars, weddings, birthday parties, get-togethers etc.
  • Offer classrooms, offices, accommodation rooms for conferences, seminars, contests, festivities, meetings and rental offices and facilities  for international and national organizations.
  • Provide tourist activities, sports, and health care, beauty and aesthetical services.
  • Provide support services for business development for female entrepreneurs.

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