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Peace House supporting women in domestic violence

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The Peace House offers comprehensive services to ensure women and children recover from the trauma of family violence and access Legal Aid, health, vocational training and job support services that enable them to reintegrate into their communities and live happy lives. The effectiveness of the Law on Prevention of Domestic Violence, includes the implementation of quality and support services to women and children affected by family violence. The Center for Women and Development with support from the Central Committee of the Vietnam Women's Union has implemented the Peace House shelter model including the comprehensive package of safe accommodation and services to support women to reintegrate into their communities.

The goal of the Peace House:

  • to offer good quality, safe, respectful and comprehensive services to women and children who have suffered from either domestic violence or human trafficking,
  • to strengthen the referral systems and outreach services so women can access both shelter and other services as needed, in appropriate time frames,
  • to offer all residence a reintegration package that includes a detail plan for women to return to the family of origin or to other family members and with local community support and
  • to raise awareness in various communities about gender equity and gender based violence including laws that protect women and children.

Achieving the goal of the Peace House:

1. CWD Counseling Room Hotline Services:

  • provides phone and face to face counseling services about issues related to family, marriage, sexual health production, HIV, life skills,
  • provides the initial screening information for access to Peace House shelter for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking and this includes the necessary order and procedures to contact the authorities, the police, the local women’s union and other organizations to provide primary information, seek for support, and together resolve involved andprovides information on the rights of women and children, issues.

2. The Kindergarten is the caring place of victims’ children of domestic violence while sheltering at Peace House.

3. The Peace House Shelters is for women and children who have suffered from domestic violence and human trafficking, and provides supportive services completely free of charge.

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